A weary band of adventures from all across the lands of Fehrun have come to a fork in the road of life. Though some of them are were of good spirit they have all traveled too close to ultimate darkness for which their souls have now been corrupted .

This darkness influenced their minds, their spirit and whether by choice or force they have descended down a dark path and have been swept-ed into a Vengeful Gods arena of FATE and DEATH.

Several of the weak souls did not make it through the first of the trials. Now having been fully swayed to the side of a Dark Anti Paladin Draven they now serve a greater cause. On a mission to build Dravens Army of Warlords, whom he will use to crush the lands of the southern kingdoms, then eventually crushing the rich Hierarchies of the north!

The missions are perilous with each Warlord being presented with a Challenge of loyalty and strength. These challenges are too be met by our party as well to prove their worth. Each step brings the darkness and power closer together. The Party grows stronger with each Victory. Draven is watching and rewards those who server and those who deliver victory.

Each member of the party must look deep within themselves to find what they are truly after. Power, Riches, Control or seat Next to Draven or perhaps it all, that is to be decided! But one thing is clear, together much can be accomplished but apart everyone suffers! Can

They adventure continues………

Hands of the Shadow

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